Our Financial Planning process lays the foundation for a lifelong relationship of ongoing guidance and support.

Over the past two decades, Wealth Advisors Group has refined our planning process. We employ a comprehensive planning approach combined with sophisticated technology designed to potentially optimize your results and help work towards your financial goals. Our disciplined Wealth TREK method allows you to organize, coordinate, and stay on top of your financial goals while planning for the future.

The Process


1. goal orientation

Goal orientation is about setting goals, prioritizing, and discerning what matters most. We aim to align our clients goals with them as far as their money, values, and legacy are concerned. The team at WAG maintains a laser focus on the goals of clients.

2. unique roadmap

Everybody has an ultimate financial goal. We at WAG understand that the path to reach those goals differs for each individual. Having this understanding, we implement the right expertise to help clients determine the best course of action depending on their specific need. We then, guide their trek with step-by-step directions and advice along the customized path that suites them best. We pride ourselves in helping clients stay on track at any point throughout their trek, minimizing mistakes along the way, mistakes that could cost our client's time, money or opportunities.

3. risk profile

In partnership with Hidden Levers, we are pleased to provide a scientific assessment of your personal financial risk tolerance. This profile will showcase the optimum level of risk for your unique investment goals. We invite you to complete this free diagnostic exam, and look forward to reviewing the results together.
Portfolio Stress Testing

4. Accumulation

We find that many clients ask themselves if they financially have enough to do what they want to do. We've taken this to heart and can help you determine exactly what you will need. Whether it's retiring comfortably, paying for your children's education, or another important life goal –determining how much you will need is paramount. The right investment strategy could help you reach your goals sooner or even expand your dreams. With our approach, we always consider the tax implications of growing your wealth over time.

5. retirement spending strategies

The question many face in retirement is, "will I run out of money?" At WAG, we know a spending strategy is just as crucial as a savings strategy. We guide our clients through the creation of a prudent spending plan, while controlling risk, maintaining a broadly diversified portfolio, and implementing tax-efficient withdrawal strategies.

6. recalibrate financial plans

The only constant is change; therefore, the process is dynamic and changes as your needs evolve. At WAG, we help manage these changes and provide a disciplined path forward. We pride ourselves in remaining flexible as your life unfolds. When we do recalibrate a financial plan, it is based on our clients’ changing goals and objectives, making it personal, rather than a response to world events.

We know that through every stage of the journey, financial strategies, tax law, and family dynamics can be complex. That’s why Wealth Advisors Group places great emphasis on on-going client communication and insight into the challenges that may lie ahead.

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