Our Approach

We strive to help clients improve that which is controllable, endure confidently that which is not, and above all, stay focused on the course ahead.

What it Means to be a Fiduciary

We are an independent thought leader. As a fiduciary, fee-based firm, we start our clients off on a journey with a plan we call: Wealth TREK. Through Wealth TREK, we uncover, advise, construct, and faithfully monitor each client’s financial plan. We remain fiercely independent–not bound to product or brand–which allows our advice to be unbiased and representative of the two-way, in-depth conversations we have with each client. Our portfolio, financial, and estate planning services provide a holistic approach to maximize and synchronize wealth management goals, forging a singular path toward success.

Investment Management

We utilize both active and passive strategies, through globally diversified investment opportunities. This balanced approach provides advantages to our clients only available from an independent firm. As an independent fee-based investment advisor, we have access to a near limitless array of investment options. We do not utilize proprietary products, nor are we incentivized to select one investment over another.

We take seriously our responsibility to manage our clients’ money prudently, transparently, and affordably. We make thorough assessments of how their risk appetites influence investing strategy, and educate and coach them on the benefits of staying on course with their wealth management plan.

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